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letter before action

letter before action

letter before action

Credit Collections (UK) Ltd letter before action service.

Letters Before Action

The letter before action service allows you to easily send out overdue account reminder letters to your customers.

The service is completely flexible and can be tailored to meet your exact requirements, whether you have a handful of letters to send out or tens of thousands. Via the Member Area of this Website you can easily submit to Credit Collections (UK) Ltd details of your unpaid accounts.

Upon receipt of the data from you our system automatically picks up details of your overdue accounts and produces a letter before action to each of them. The letters are then posted out and we handle any calls or correspondence in response to the letter before action and submit a report to you, either by post or e-mail.

Our charge for the letter before action service is negotiable and can be on a per letter or pre arranged fixed fee basis. The charge will include receiving the data file from you, merging that data with the letter of your choice, printing and posting out the letters, monitoring the responses and reporting back to you.

For further details or a quote request letter before action information.

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